Mountain Run 9/4/21

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Please find attached the Traffic Control Barricade & Cone location Map for the Chamber of Commerce "Mountain Run" event that will be taking place on Saturday 9/4/21.

The event will begin and end at the "Days of 92" arena on Loma Ave.  This area will be supervised by event personnel and only cones will be used on Loma, as this is part of the emergency route through the city.  The barricades on Main Street, 3rd, and Capital intersections will be put up by the Public Works Department around 6:00 am on Saturday 9/4/21.  

The first runners will leave the starting area at 7:30 am, with the route being south on Loma, to left on West 3rd, to left onto Main Street up to N. Loma and onto "Willow Creek Rd/USFS Rd 503 up through the "canyon".  One of the shorter distance events will have the runners returning down from the "canyon" and south on Main street, right onto W. 3dr, and then a right onto Loma to finish at the Days of 92 Arena.  The barricades and cones will then be removed on Main Street, 3rd Street, and Loma intersection by event personnel (for PW Dept. to retrieve early Sunday 9/5 morning) at approximately 11:00 am.  (Only cones will be utilized from this point for the finish line on Loma from W. 2nd Street).

The long distance runners will eventually come down the trail from Bachelor Rd/Seime Park trail onto W. 2nd Street, and turn left onto Loma Ave to the finish line at the Days of 92 arena.  This is anticipated to conclude at approximately 5:00 pm.


mountain run 9/4