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Past Comprehensive Plans & Other Helpful Resources

Looking for information mentioned at the Creede and Mineral County Action Coalition meeting Saturday night or just want to have a look at some of the past assessments and info?, Here\'s a few of the main ones. Creede 2015 Downtown Assessment Creede &amp, Mineral County Comprehensive Plan* RWEACT Post-Disaster Economic Recovery Marketing Plan Creede Resource Property Amending City Comprehensive Plan Mineral County Comprehensive Plan 1977 *This one went through a few revisions and didn\'t end up being approved at the end by Mineral County, but they did participate in it over several years., Its got some great, albeit dated info. For lots more information, including SLV health and early childhood education assessments, a hydroelectric feasibility study, the Creede Development Code, toolkits and information for small towns, and much more, please head over to our Info Library., If you know of a planning document that isn\'t included, please contact us.,

Survey Announcement

In response to recent concerns regarding social media based surveys about tiny homes, the Board of Trustees wishes to express the following:
  • The Board of Trustees did not sanction or support these surveys.
  • The data collected by these surveys will not be used by Board of Trustees in the consideration of any legislation.
  • The Board of Trustees recognizes the value of online citizen participation platforms in accordance with the City of Creede‚Äôs Website and Social Media Policy., Board of Trustees-sanctioned online material will only appear on the official website or the official Facebook page of the City of Creede, A Colorado Town.

Wastewater Permit Regulation Information

NOTICE The City of Creede recently received a new wastewater discharge permit from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that imposes effluent limits not controllable by our current wastewater treatment practices., The City of Creede is requesting an adjudicatory hearing with the CDPHE requesting an administrative stay on the discharge permit., The administrative stay will allow the town time to collect data to contest the new regulations. System users should be aware that, despite the City’s efforts, the new wastewater permit is very likely to go into effect, resulting in increased costs for our system users, significant capital improvements to our treatment plant, increased staffing costs, and increased operation and maintenance costs. Please take the time to review the wastewater permit and information on its implications below., The City of Creede will make additional information pertaining to permit changes public as it becomes available.,

COG Grant Available

The Board of Trustees seeks citizen input on a grant opportunity from the San Luis Valley Council of Governments., The grant is a 1 to 1 cash match grant for up to $10,000., It will be awarded to projects that demonstrate contributions to economic development in Creede including, but not necessarily limited to: 1. Economic Development projects including facade improvements, energy efficiency assessments and improvements, Main Street/Community assessments, and community mapping, 2. Small scale capital improvements projects, 3. Development of marketing/promotional resources such as a website for the municipality or county, 4. Planning studies/analysis for municipality/county use, 5. Training or meeting facilitation Do you have ideas for a grant project that you would like to see the City of Creede pursue?, Please submit them to or join the community conversation on our facebook page.,